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Bensen B-6

Bensen's current range of do-it-yourself helicopters and autogyros stem from the B-5 Gyro-Glider of 1954, which was a single-seat rotor-kite towed into the air at around 30km/h and obtained its lift by the flow of air over its autorotating rotor. From this factory-built prototype, Bensen evolved the B-6 and B-7, and from these has come the standard production model the B-8. This has a somewhat more sturdy construction and is available as a factory-built machine or in kit form for amateur construction. Two water-borne versions of the B-8 are also available: the B-8B Gyro-Boat which has a boat-type hull and twin outrigged stabilising floats, and the B-8W Hydro-Glider mounted on twin floats.

K.Munson "Helicopters And Other Rotorcraft Since 1907", 1968

Bensen B-8W Hydro-Glider

Technical data for B-6

Engine: none, main rotor diameter: 6.0m, length: 3.45m, height: 1.91m, empty weight: 58kg

paul, e-mail, 02.08.2010reply

The Plans for the Bensen B-6 gyroglider can be bought from this website:

www . bensenaircraft . org

they also sell the newer benson b-8 plans and have alot of information and such about bensen autogyros.

Andrew Mubiru, e-mail, 04.02.2010reply

Its quite a good aircraft which i believe can locally be built in Africa. Iwould like to have more information about it especially successful flights it has made

Larry Smith, e-mail, 28.12.2009reply

I would like to have the plans to the B6 I would like to build that at home. I would like to see if a 70 year old man can build and fly.

kiran, e-mail, 20.04.2009reply

will u send me model sketch of your project let me know something about your project please

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