Saunders-Roe W.14 Skeeter
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10.08.2020 21:29

Sikorsky R-4

10.08.2020 21:25

Mil Mi-24

08.08.2020 15:23

Brantly B-2 / YHO-3

07.08.2020 18:04

Bell Model 214 / 214B Big Lifter

06.08.2020 07:58

Mil Mi-8

05.08.2020 01:18

04.08.2020 21:24

04.08.2020 18:24

04.08.2020 18:18

04.08.2020 18:17

McCulloch J-2 "Gyroplane"

04.08.2020 18:09

McCulloch MC-4

04.08.2020 17:17

03.08.2020 21:58

03.08.2020 04:14

01.08.2020 17:28

30.07.2020 13:43

29.07.2020 21:31

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

29.07.2020 21:21

29.07.2020 12:14

28.07.2020 22:38

28.07.2020 06:52

27.07.2020 07:07

26.07.2020 15:01

Saunders-Roe W.14 Skeeter

26.07.2020 08:04

24.07.2020 18:04

Bell Model 47 "Sioux"

24.07.2020 04:17

Kaman K-16

22.07.2020 00:04

A-B Helicopters A/W 95

20.07.2020 14:50

19.07.2020 05:02

Innovator "Mosquito"

19.07.2020 03:09

Mick Kemsley, e-mail, 26.07.2020 15:01

I was with 23 Flt Iserlohn Germany.
We had a small problem we had flown into orchard which had a 4 ft fence.
When we came to leave, the other two pilots had no problems, no passengers, when it came to Major Hickey to leave I was his passenger
I was 12 stone (168 Lbs) Major Hickey was larger.
As we approached the fence after start we did not seem to be able to "climb over it " I had to get out, the Major then flew as close to the fence as he could & I had to assist lift the Skeeter over the fence.
Onthe other side with plenty of space for forward flight we were able to get altitude & continue on our way.

Roy Perrins, e-mail, 13.02.2018 22:08

Somewhere I have a copy of a publication with the Skeeter fitted with a Jet Engine .One photo showed personnel stood on the outside in a Demo.of its lift capability. Spent a few years at Middle Wallop with the Skeeter before being involved with the intro of the Scout into service.A great time and fond memories

Reg Austin, e-mail, 31.07.2015 00:04

I would like to contact Mr Tiplady re the Rover Turbine in the Skeeter.
In 1956, Auster Aircraft and Rovers collaborated in the design of the Auster Skyrover powered by the excellent Rover Aurora free power turbine. Was that the engine installed in the Skeeter?
Sadly, the air minister at the time decided to stop the sale of the Skyrover which brought it to an end and also lost the Aurora engine in the process.

john tiplady, e-mail, 06.09.2013 16:23

The Skeeter never had a Turmo engine fitted at all. We in fact did fit a Rover Gas Turbine engine as a possible replacement for the Gypsey Major 215 piston engine. The Skeeter made several Test Flights, but unfortunately the Army contract was not upgraded to Turbine Power. Just out of interest, the Rover Turbine was very much lighter than the Gypsey Major 215, so we had quite a lot of problems sorting out the C of G.. J.Hazelwood's comment about the origin of W in W14 is indeed correct, as it was inherited from Wier Engineering who had acquired the original Juan De la Cierva designs and continued development.

J Hazelwood, e-mail, 24.08.2008 12:52

The Skeeter was the Weir 14 design hence W.14 Skeeter

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