Mil V-7
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27.09.2020 04:01

26.09.2020 15:39

Bensen B-8 "Gyro-Copter"

26.09.2020 02:10

25.09.2020 07:12

23.09.2020 10:48

Mil Mi-26

22.09.2020 20:56

22.09.2020 18:57

22.09.2020 01:58

21.09.2020 04:34

RotorWay "Scorpion Too"

18.09.2020 05:43

VFW VC-400

17.09.2020 21:53

16.09.2020 17:55

14.09.2020 05:14

Kaman K-16

13.09.2020 12:49

13.09.2020 05:12

11.09.2020 23:18

10.09.2020 03:21

Adams-Wilson XH-1 "Hobbycopter"

07.09.2020 03:17

05.09.2020 05:16

Monte-Copter Model 15 Triphibian

04.09.2020 11:43

03.09.2020 22:26

01.09.2020 10:29

Mil V-12

30.08.2020 20:15

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

29.08.2020 05:20

27.08.2020 23:57

Kaman H-43 "Huskie"

26.08.2020 23:39

Mil Mi-8

26.08.2020 18:32

25.08.2020 02:32

Bell Model 240 UTTAS

23.08.2020 10:14

Kamov Ka-56

22.08.2020 05:23

Mil V-7

Jim, e-mail, 22.09.2020 18:57

Just imagine the result of your idea - an ideal rotor without any friction at the root in order to avoid rotation of the body. Now how would you steer that thing ? If it already moved you could hope to use aerodynamic forces via some kind of rudder, but all that would be completely unstable, not to mention that there simply always is friction and even motion of the fluid from stationary tanks in the main body out to the wingtips would induce a moment and you would need rotor tilting mechanisms ... so in order to be able to point the nose in a stable direction you'd want to be able to use a tail rotor or equivalent - at least in such a basic design. I suppose that a Kamov-like co-axial twin-rotor with wingtip fans could be stabilized with modern fly-by-wire electronics, but in the 1950s ... no way.

Rocketman, e-mail, 22.08.2020 05:23

I can't understand why it would need a tail rotor if the jet engines were on the tip of the rotors. That should make it unnecessary since there would be no torque affecting the helicopter.

Charles Glazebrook, e-mail, 30.07.2009 19:46

I am currently building a similar type of Helicopter.A 5h.p. Generator powers the motors that turn props at wingtips.Similar to the jet tip.Contacts similar to a car horn allow the wing rotate and tilt.I have pictures of the nearly complete prototype but don"t know how to send them to you. Charlie

T.Kiel, e-mail, 18.04.2009 20:27

I have got an enquiry concerning some photos of the Mil V-7 from the Monino-Museum for a scale model project.
Please help me.

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