Mil Mi-24VM
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10.08.2020 21:29

Sikorsky R-4

10.08.2020 21:25

Mil Mi-24

08.08.2020 15:23

Brantly B-2 / YHO-3

07.08.2020 18:04

Bell Model 214 / 214B Big Lifter

06.08.2020 07:58

Mil Mi-8

05.08.2020 01:18

04.08.2020 21:24

04.08.2020 18:24

04.08.2020 18:18

04.08.2020 18:17

McCulloch J-2 "Gyroplane"

04.08.2020 18:09

McCulloch MC-4

04.08.2020 17:17

03.08.2020 21:58

03.08.2020 04:14

01.08.2020 17:28

30.07.2020 13:43

29.07.2020 21:31

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

29.07.2020 21:21

29.07.2020 12:14

28.07.2020 22:38

28.07.2020 06:52

27.07.2020 07:07

26.07.2020 15:01

Saunders-Roe W.14 Skeeter

26.07.2020 08:04

24.07.2020 18:04

Bell Model 47 "Sioux"

24.07.2020 04:17

Kaman K-16

22.07.2020 00:04

A-B Helicopters A/W 95

20.07.2020 14:50

19.07.2020 05:02

Innovator "Mosquito"

19.07.2020 03:09, 06.07.2020 12:52

Verry Good Mil Mi 24 Soviet Union USSR

Joe, e-mail, 23.04.2016 09:23

Qnty 2 x Mi-24V needing overhaul around 5 month delivery

Please No Time Waster TireKickers

EUC Required for Inspection.

jtbd556 at gmail dot com

Dshirva, e-mail, 21.09.2011 05:54

Emmanuel, it is not designed to combat other helicopters. It was designed to be a transport, then help support the disembarked troops. Hell, even the US has a few. The US military keeps a stock of Russian/Soviet equipment they use for black operations.

marcus, e-mail, 05.08.2011 04:47

$4,000,000 for an older reconditioned model Keanu.

emmanuel marsh, e-mail, 17.07.2011 17:18

hey there everybody. no offense to mig but did they hire the blind designer because everyone else was off, excuse my pun but the apache would terrorise this to bits

russian heli hater, e-mail, 17.07.2011 17:13

i havent seen an uglier helicopter. nothing gets better than the apache.

T.Shaffi, e-mail, 03.11.2010 14:35

Sir,My country Pakistan interested in inducting MI-24VM or MI-35 with armament and spare/service support to fight the terrorism we are facing.The attack heli which can carry troops also and fits the country budget is the ULTIMATE MI-35.
All concerned please let us know if there is a possibility to supply these aircrafts to Pakistan.Thanks.

Cam, 24.08.2010 01:18

I like it! A nice-looking attack heli.

keanu, e-mail, 25.06.2010 19:27

anybody know what this bird sells for?
I am not exactly in the market to buy (a tad expensive I expect), but I am curious.

Nalaka, e-mail, 24.02.2010 11:54

ya i am from Sri Lanka great one we hav good exprnce with dis

merco1959, e-mail, 21.12.2008 04:08

This Beast means to do away with the Mil-28. Look at this thing's wings, then look at the Mi-28's wings: THE SAME THING. I want to see a large formation of these birds fly into the Caucus region, take Georgia, Azer and Armenia by storm, and have it become Russian soil once more.

Daniel Cifuentes, e-mail, 06.12.2008 21:49

Nice Bird. My friends of Nicaragua has some examples. Regards to the friends of MACEDONIA and not FYROM. To the Greeks, please have a more polite and mature attitude.

Andrew, e-mail, 29.11.2008 06:00

guess you mean you are from FYROM.. indeed.. great helicopter..

taco, e-mail, 12.01.2008 23:55

I'm from Macedonia, I have seen this "monster" in action they're great!!!!
Really mean that

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