Kellett KH-15 "Stable Mable"
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10.08.2020 21:29

Sikorsky R-4

10.08.2020 21:25

Mil Mi-24

08.08.2020 15:23

Brantly B-2 / YHO-3

07.08.2020 18:04

Bell Model 214 / 214B Big Lifter

06.08.2020 07:58

Mil Mi-8

05.08.2020 01:18

04.08.2020 21:24

04.08.2020 18:24

04.08.2020 18:18

04.08.2020 18:17

McCulloch J-2 "Gyroplane"

04.08.2020 18:09

McCulloch MC-4

04.08.2020 17:17

03.08.2020 21:58

03.08.2020 04:14

01.08.2020 17:28

30.07.2020 13:43

29.07.2020 21:31

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

29.07.2020 21:21

29.07.2020 12:14

28.07.2020 22:38

28.07.2020 06:52

27.07.2020 07:07

26.07.2020 15:01

Saunders-Roe W.14 Skeeter

26.07.2020 08:04

24.07.2020 18:04

Bell Model 47 "Sioux"

24.07.2020 04:17

Kaman K-16

22.07.2020 00:04

A-B Helicopters A/W 95

20.07.2020 14:50

19.07.2020 05:02

Innovator "Mosquito"

19.07.2020 03:09

Mike Shults, e-mail, 20.07.2020 14:50

Hello Sir,

We have a Kellett Stable Mabel Helicopter that is going to a museum near Chicago and we would greatly appreciate any photo or parts you may have of this helicopter. Anything you have will help make this a display of great interest.

Please contact me if you may have anything.

Mike Shults
Eastern Shore Helicopters, Inc.
Phone 863-885-1292

Michael Shults, e-mail, 20.07.2020 14:47

Hello Barbara Lloyd Miles,

I found this email comment from 2016 and wondered if you may have any photos or any parts from the Kellett KH-15 Stable Mable helicopter that your father worked on and flew in the early 50s. I have a KH-15 Stable Mable that is now going to a museum near Chicago. Any photos or parts for this helicopter would be very helpful in making this a display of great interest.

Best Regards,
Mike Shults
Eastern Shore Helicopters, Inc.

Barbara Lloyd Miles, e-mail, 16.05.2017 19:09

That is my dad, Norman Lloyd, testing the Stable Mable in the photograph. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009. But at the Chino Air Museum in California they loved him as he willingly shared his knowledge of the gyrocopter and the Corsair with them. We are very proud of his legacy.

Devakate Sagar T., e-mail, 31.08.2014 22:01

Sir,i am engineering student,i trying to make my final year project.I got stuck in my project about lifting the helicopter so i want your help.
And also i want some technical data about this KH-15 helicopter.

Ricardo, e-mail, 18.08.2010 08:41

Please contact me.

r.d. kuehner, e-mail, 15.08.2008 16:39

my father, richard m. kuehner was the project engineer on this aircraft. i attended a test flight when dad was burned trying to recover the remaining hydrogen peroxide from the aircraft tank and return it to the truck where it was stored. mr. lloyd was the test pilot. i may still have some old photos

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