Kaman H-2 "Tomahawk"
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22.10.2021 00:11

Bell "Eagle Eye"

17.10.2021 01:46

Kaman K-16

16.10.2021 16:29

15.10.2021 22:43

Bratukhin B-10

14.10.2021 06:19

Piasecki H-21 Workhorse / Shawnee

14.10.2021 02:53

McCulloch MC-4

14.10.2021 00:35

American Autogyro Sparrowhawk

09.10.2021 16:14

08.10.2021 03:40

07.10.2021 05:21

04.10.2021 08:09

Monte-Copter Model 15 Triphibian

02.10.2021 19:29

30.09.2021 03:14

26.09.2021 19:47

24.09.2021 20:52

20.09.2021 08:18

19.09.2021 19:42

Mil Mi-26

18.09.2021 20:11

15.09.2021 16:20

13.09.2021 07:04

09.09.2021 21:51

08.09.2021 00:35

07.09.2021 19:18

07.09.2021 06:03

Kaman SH-2 "Sea Sprite"

04.09.2021 16:07

04.09.2021 05:29

Mil Mi-17

03.09.2021 08:30

Watkinson CG-4

31.08.2021 13:36

Cicare CH-3 "Colibri" (CK1)

30.08.2021 05:36

28.08.2021 23:01

Rotorway Javelin

Wayne Mutza, e-mail, 25.08.2021 16:57

Hello, is this email still good? I'm doing the first book on the Seasprite helicopter and would like to hear of your experience with tests at Ft. Bragg. Spent a year there myself. Thanks. My email is wmutza@wi.rr.com

GrumpyOne, e-mail, 30.05.2014 02:30

I was at Ft Bragg while this ship was being tested and also worked for Kaman in the preceding four year prior to entering the Army. The testing agency there was the Airborne and Electronics Test Board to which I was assigned.

At the time, this Kaman helicopter utilized the servo flap rotor design which maximizes the efficiency of the blades permitting great maneuverability and increased ceiling limits.

A modern day descendent is the SH-2G which remains in service in several foreign nations. Kaman's other noteworthy helicopter was the HH-43B, a twin intermeshing rotor design for the USAF which was in service through the early 1980's and that design lives on as the K-Max medium/heavy continuous lift helicopter that remains in production...

Chanel Bags, e-mail, 28.06.2011 09:36

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george schmidt, e-mail, 19.08.2010 20:33

when i was stationed at lakehurst n. j. there was a change to the roter control arms adding guide tubes so that the controls would have the 90 degree gyroscopet reaction this i believe was the idea of one of the men that worked on the helo

livinus, e-mail, 11.09.2009 19:55

as a child, i had always loved the sight of attack helicopters, but i had never had the opportunity of seeing one, i think i love this one, but i know there other ones like the blackhawk which i had seen in movies like 'BLACKHAWK DOWN'

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