Kaman K-16
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Brantly B-2 / YHO-3

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Mil Mi-24VM

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Mil Mi-17

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Boeing-Vertol Model 107 / CH-46

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Kamov-Kumertau "Rotorfly"

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Sikorsky S-56 / CH-37 Mojave / HR2S

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Bratukhin B-10

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Doman LZ-4

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Fairey "Jet Gyrodyne"

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Hiller J-5

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Kamov-Skrzhinski KASKR-2

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Canadair CL-84 "Dynavert"

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Bensen B-9 "Little Zipster"

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Westland "Whirlwind"

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Kaman K-16

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A-B Helicopters A/W 95

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Focke-Achgelis Fa-330 "Bachstelze"

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AirScooter II

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Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm Bo-105

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Mil Mi-8

Howard Mearns, e-mail, 27.06.2020 17:03

Derek, I am interested in finding test reports from the wind tunnel testing. Not sure where to go to get the information. I tried googling the report you mentioned. I am wondering about the effects of pitch control through the cyclic on wing lift and how the controls were integrated together. If you have any thoughts on where to look, I would appreciate it.
Thanks, howard

Jan, e-mail, 01.06.2020 04:26

Pozor, paní / paní. Potřebujete nouzový úvěr na nupkup projektu, půjčku na splacení dluhu nebo na splacení účtů nebo na zahájení nového podnikání? Nabízíme konkrétní online půjčky v limitém, střednědobém a dlouhodobém horizontu od 50 000 do 8 000 000 Kč. Naše půjčky jsou lehké a rychlé .. Měsíční splátka a fixní sazba jsou velmi závislé na povaze, výši a dobytí půjčky. Noční rozdělení od 12 měsíců do 420 měsíců a více. K dispozici do 2 dnů Zabezpečení důvěrnosti je jednoruční, není příliš mnoho důkazů, brzy a 100% zaručené. E- jeanz102@seznam.cz

Henry Lapa, e-mail, 24.10.2017 03:16

hull401@yahoo.comI did the original restoration work for the NEAM on this airplane. The condition was stripped out, missing engines, prop parts scattered to several indeterminate locations housing other items of the museum collection. The paint was stripped and there was damage done to the modified area of the fuselage because the wing was dropped a bit during assembly of the aircraft when first transferred. I did sheet metal work, wood work (fuselage hatches), cleanout and stripping the interior, and painting. (My paint has done very well for being in the weather around 40 years.) The original tail landing gear was cleaned up and installed to replace the towbar that was in its place. The tail tire was the archetypal T-6/P-51 type. There were still wool tufts taped to control surfaces on the tail, but they were removed for the painting. Fabric is still original to Kaman days and only ever needed minor repair. One of the elevator counterbalances is a dummy as only one original could be located. Rotor-props were assembled and reinstalled after chemical treatment. The "control surface" on the blades was quite large relatively speaking, not "small" as described above. Laminated wood, sheet stainless steel and fibreglas. The spinners were not located for years, long after I had left to serve in thee Navy. I was torn during the painting process over whether or not the red stripe was present in the national insignia. Study of photos convinced me that it was not and also had not simply faded away as you will see on many weathered aircraft. I would love to know for sure one way or the other. The Goose upon this was built was originally a JRF-5, BuNo 04351. It was notable for being involved in a water collision and damaged at Argentia NF at one point of its early career. I also found no evidence of a civil registration while being a K-16B. Does that mean that it was "on the books" under its original BuNo? If so, I have seen no evidence of the usual application with the paint scheme. Maybe it was "off" the books until such time as it would be ready for free flight. (I think it's only flight was in tethered tests.) The actuator struts which keep the floats level while the wing tilts are dummies with no motor or sliding components. The heavy, round side-bracing struts to the floats are heavy steel tube! I remember the fibreglas tips of the blades were multi-colored with red, white, yellow on each rotor. This obviously was to assist blade tracking. The planning surfaces of hull and floats are painted dark engine gray although I had only photographic evidence to help me guess. Very strong sunlight from nearly above may have only made it look that way in the photos. My brother and I (both teens) were featured in stories in the paper and on tv for our unusual "hobby." There were Kaman art renditions of a projected much more developed aircraft, modern and streamlined. Also, it is my belief that the "K-16A" may have referred to an earlier configuration with the original recips that was dropped early in the intellectual development phase. That info may have been in some early paperwork for the Navy if my guess is right.

mike, e-mail, 12.09.2014 00:11

the air-o-doodle

Derek, e-mail, 25.11.2013 13:11

My father had an 5x7 framed black and white photo of the K-16. He was the project engineer on the program.
I was going through stuff in our basement and I found Report B-27 dated September 1961. The reports introduction states, At the request of the Bureau of Naval Weapons, this report has been prepared to briefly describe the Kaman Model K-16B V/STOL research aircraft, and to summarize the research program that is being carried out under Bureau of Naval Weapons Contract NOa (s) 56-549c.
Dad told me that the K-16 was discontinued because helicopters were approaching the speeds that the Navy was looking for.

Glenn, e-mail, 28.09.2013 05:48

I wonder how much Vodka it took to design it?

Derek, e-mail, 20.08.2013 16:56

#Guy It is a shame He didn`t see it fly! I have seen this plane, It is at the New England Air Museum. It needs more restoration work but still fun to see.

guy, e-mail, 13.02.2013 02:10

my father was the project manager and lead engineer

Rex, 21.04.2010 14:35

As if being a plane and boat wasn't enough, it just had to be a helicopter too....

rudager, e-mail, 28.12.2009 17:22

God engineers are crazy.

I wonder if all ideas are this nuts but the ones which work eventually seem commonplace and mundane to us?

Jacob, 08.08.2008 01:08

thats pretty cool

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