Rotary Air Force RAF-2000
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23.09.2017 09:43

Rotary Air Force RAF-2000

23.09.2017 00:44

Bratukhin B-10

22.09.2017 22:31

Revolution Helicopter Voyager-500

22.09.2017 11:30

Bristol Type 173

22.09.2017 04:02

AirScooter II

22.09.2017 03:29

Piasecki "Heli-Stat"

21.09.2017 23:16

Eagle "Helicycle"

21.09.2017 23:08

Revolution Helicopter Mini-500

21.09.2017 02:50

Sikorsky S-1

21.09.2017 00:43

A-B Helicopters A/W 95

Jean, e-mail, 23.09.2017 09:43

I would like to know were should go to guy a Raf 2000
Many thanks for the information

Scout, e-mail, 22.01.2016 18:12

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Reinhardt Herholdt, e-mail, 25.09.2015 17:20

Brand new RAF2000 for sale. Location, Botswana, Africa. 0 Hrs. Never started.

adrian clince, e-mail, 17.12.2014 11:22

where can i get one in australia

RAFSA, e-mail, 12.12.2014 11:03

Please direct all queries regarding RAF 2000 Gyroplanes to

Joe Ward, e-mail, 02.10.2014 05:55

Where is RAF at. Would like to buy it. If it's over seas I would need to know the shipping cost to USA. Please contact me. Thanks' Joe Ward

mar, e-mail, 21.06.2012 18:47

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John, e-mail, 11.03.2012 05:51

The original designer was killed in a mid air accident in his own gyrocopter. Why would you want to risk flying a dangerous machine ? Get an airplane and stay alive.

Edmilson, e-mail, 27.02.2012 21:04

è possível adquirir um raf 200 sem o motor subaru? Quanto ficaria seu preço sem o motor? Estou no Brasil, qual o representante mais próximo?
Grato e bons negócios...

shoes, 19.09.2011 05:14

I would like to take a flight as passenger. I would love to have one of these in my back yard!

soccer, e-mail, 15.06.2011 09:35

they don't seem to be as there is not a price listed..

Christine Williams, e-mail, 03.02.2011 11:45

I am not yet convinced that technology is anywhere near where it should be ... frankly equipement even not relevant to you is basic crap -- take sony and its newest MP3 u got one button for everything!1 It is a fucking joke.

THe copter looks very basic -- what about flying cars man we talk of UFO - but none is designed accordingly ... airtraffic is more interesting than boaring a whole in the tarmuck ..... Chris besitos/kisses to you lads in the Army - Navy and Airforce --- check out YOUTUBE - demolition dancing - vanessa

PAUL, e-mail, 29.08.2010 21:25


jimmy a, e-mail, 01.08.2010 21:53

Does Jamie @ still have the raf in the original crates availible

Csizmadia Endre, e-mail, 10.06.2010 12:34

Eladó RAF2000GTX 40 órát üzemelt 1991 évjárat
Ár: 12000 EUR.

Dellbert McGrath, e-mail, 05.05.2010 08:08

I would like to buy one of these and build one but i am looking for a place near edmonton alberta where i can buy one or how much would i be looking at to get it shipped thanks

Andrew, e-mail, 06.03.2010 22:23

are these even for sale? they don't seem to be as there is not a price listed..

Ryan Harris, e-mail, 24.02.2010 04:45

i really wanna buy it i have 1500 dollars to spend and live in southgate michigan USA pleeaasse i want it!!!!!!!!

wang sr, e-mail, 12.11.2009 06:45

I want to buy,but i'm in china.who can help me to buy it?

Chad McClure, e-mail, 13.10.2009 09:42

Livin Here in Big Sur California Would love to pick up one used anybody have any leeds, needin some CaliGyraCation!

jamie, e-mail, 28.09.2009 11:15

I have a raf 2000 for sale in its original crates if anybody is interested.

Marian, e-mail, 10.09.2009 11:35

I am trying to find someone in Argentina who may have an RAF 2000. Any leads?

Stan Zinger, e-mail, 27.07.2009 15:58

Can I please get the e-mail address for some tech help at the factory

Stan Zinger, e-mail, 27.07.2009 15:55

Can you please tell me the torque settings for the rotor Blades..the straps that hold the hub to the blades are AN 5 and AN 6
Stan, e-mail, 08.02.2009 02:02

Greetings, and good luck with the RAF2000. Looks like your version has a horizontal stabiliser (at last) - which closely resembles the one developed by Alan Loughrey for Paul Bruty in Ballarat. If so, that is a good stab.

Ken, e-mail, 09.01.2009 08:27

Hi, I'd like to import some this kind gyrocopters, first order could be 10, could you please contact me via email "" as soon as possible when you see my message, thank you.

ken, e-mail, 09.01.2009 08:24

Hi, I'd like to import some this kind gyrocopters, first order could be 10, could you please contact me as soon as possible when you see my message, thank you.

wolfe, e-mail, 17.11.2008 05:01

any used ones out there Brian in sooke canada floats?

bonnie, e-mail, 11.11.2008 03:17

hi i think that your helecopter is better then my ass

roland schulz, e-mail, 29.10.2008 22:27

Como puedo volar en un autogiro. Existen en Chile...? Quien imparte clases para aprender a volar y en cuanto tiempo...? Cual es el costo de las horas de clases y donde...?

Hugh Demos, e-mail, 13.10.2008 11:20

this craft has a very bad floor it chops its tail off within moments of approaching vnr.Lost my brother in one. i feel the cockpit needs to be modified with a type of carbon casing and the fuel tank needs huge reinforcing changes.

MARCELO, e-mail, 20.06.2008 17:40

¿Tiene este tipo de autogiros el sistema de despegue al salto, o està prevista su incorporacion?
me gustaria saber cual es su precio en el mercado, un saludo

bonnie, e-mail, 17.04.2008 06:29

needs war photos!!!!!!!

Miguel Jose Rodriguez Rey, e-mail, 04.04.2008 23:32

Interested in your gyros. How to contact??

Chris Thomas, e-mail, 12.03.2008 02:14


We are holding a helimeet in Eastleigh on the 3rd August to commemorate the maiden flight of the Cierva Skeeter, which went on to become the first helicopter to enter Uk service with the Army Air Corps.

In view of the autogiro links with Cierva, it occured to me that you may like to be present.

If you would like more information, please contact me

Svetlana, e-mail, 20.02.2008 12:38

Hello, I'm from Belarus, would like to buy GTX-SE FI. What price will be and whom to contact?
thanks, Svetlana

HENRYK WIRSKI, e-mail, 02.01.2008 21:29

Please send more info:price agricultural version I am from Poland

umar saidu, e-mail, 21.12.2007 22:58

ooooooooooooh iso much like this stuff some day i may like to buy this product

suoqi, e-mail, 16.11.2007 20:30

I want to buy,but i'm in china.who can help me to buy it?

Dan Mullen, e-mail, 30.10.2007 00:48

Where would the nearest raf 2000 be to Nova Scotia Canada. I would like to take a flight as passenger. I would love to have one of these in my back yard!

vladimir buldin, e-mail, 08.09.2007 19:53

I am from RUSSIA siti SYKTYVKAR.2000 STD-SE,how much ? tanks

FARDIN, e-mail, 23.07.2007 20:58

I am from IRAN.
Is there a plans available , how much?
my email is

gerhard louw, e-mail, 21.04.2007 18:28

Landed price for GTX-F1 PLEASE could you forward spec's and amo support.

LEN Miller, e-mail, 02.04.2007 07:54

Would there be any near Vancouver?

Would like to see one . .


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