Fairchild XC-120 Pack Plane
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28.02.2021 01:37

27.02.2021 23:42

Boeing B-29 Superfortress

27.02.2021 20:56

26.02.2021 02:13

25.02.2021 20:50

24.02.2021 23:46

Douglas C-124 Globemaster II

24.02.2021 11:51

23.02.2021 04:02

Nakajima Ki-4

23.02.2021 02:25

22.02.2021 00:26

Curtiss-Wright CW-24 / XP-55 Ascender

22.02.2021 00:25

21.02.2021 22:40

Convair B-58 Hustler

21.02.2021 09:55

21.02.2021 06:37

20.02.2021 10:47

19.02.2021 14:21

18.02.2021 20:39

Mitsubishi Ki-1

18.02.2021 20:00

18.02.2021 19:21

Kawasaki Ki-32 "MARY"

17.02.2021 19:51

Tupolev Tu-126

17.02.2021 02:50

16.02.2021 11:36

16.02.2021 01:13

VL Pyorremyrsky

15.02.2021 10:33

PZL Mielec M-18 Dromader

14.02.2021 14:40

13.02.2021 23:22

Breguet 27 / 270

13.02.2021 16:08

Polikarpov I-153

13.02.2021 09:12

Eastman E-2A

13.02.2021 09:05

Doaks & Deeds

13.02.2021 08:50

Dayton-Wright RB

marinerg6, e-mail, 03.01.2021 18:20

This "flying container-ship" actually pre-dated the sea-going container-ships which have revolutionized the transportation industry. Unfortunately, not only was this aircraft ahead of its' time, but it came out just as the Korean War began, due to which advanced projects such as this were given a very low priority. Another problem with the XC-120 was that, without the "pack" in place, the aircraft's flying characteristics' deteriorated, becoming dangerously unstable.

Noname, e-mail, 31.03.2020 10:24

Glad they only made one.

Skylab72, e-mail, 25.04.2016 19:11

Ran some wind tunnel runs with a model of this acft. A good description of the fuselage without the "packet" would be a "poorly designed airfoil". The stability issues were due to significant turbulence aft of that airfoil, which disrupted the effectiveness of the horizontal stabilizer, and to a lesser extent the vertical stabilizers because of interaction with the horizontal planes. On the model we "solved" the problem by moving the horizontal stabilizer to the top of the vertical fins, rather like an OV-10 Bronco. Some rather minor reshaping of the fuselage then resulted in a model that was near impossible to stall. The design had potential that was never explored.

stephen russell, e-mail, 11.08.2012 20:54

Saw jet mode in movie Journey to the Far Side of the Sun & in Thunderbirds TV show for Thunderbird 2
Viable Today for sure.

bee-plane, e-mail, 07.04.2012 12:36

we are launching bee-plane project and are looking for XC-120 information. Please contact us !

Erik Hertzer, e-mail, 07.12.2011 06:32

Was the only prototype scrapped or does it exist anywhere...?

Chris J, e-mail, 26.10.2011 00:46

@JIm Winnie did you feel like the landing gear was unstable

JIm Winnie, e-mail, 22.12.2009 16:37

I flew in this aircraft as a flight engineer in 1950 at Eglin Air Force Base testing the aircraft. I found it to be very unstable without the fuselage on it. Glad they only made one.

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