Fairchild C-123 Provider
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Fairchild C-123 Provider

The C-123 troop and cargo transport was designed by the original Chase Aircraft Company. A production order for 300 C-123B, held by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation (which had acquired a majority interest in the Chase company in 1953), was cancelled in June 1953. New bids were asked for, as a result of which production of the C-123B was assigned to Fairchild. The first Fairchild-built C-123B flew on 1 September 1954 and production aircraft entered service with the USAF's 309th Troop Carrier Group in July 1955. Orders totalling more than 300 aircraft were completed by mid-1958, six going to Saudi Arabia and 18 to Venezuela.

In 1955 the prototype C-123B was fitted experimentally with two Fairchild J44 turbojet engines mounted at the wingtips to provide auxiliary power for use in an emergency. As a result ten production aircraft were modified into C-123J with turbojet engines fitted. Meanwhile a small number of C-123H had been produced with wide-track landing gears.

The prototype YC-123H was later experimentally fitted with CJ610 auxiliary turbojet engines and flown on 30 July 1962. Having been tested in South Vietnam as a counter-insurgency aircraft, 183 more C-123B were given 12.68kN General Electric J85-GE-17 auxiliary turbojet engines in underwing pods and designated C-123K. Some were further converted to AC-123K Spectre gunships for service during the Vietnam conflict.

Fairchild C-123 Provider

 ENGINE2 x P+W R-2800-99W, 1840kW
    Take-off weight27240 kg60054 lb
    Empty weight14100 kg31085 lb
    Wingspan33.6 m110 ft 3 in
    Length23.3 m76 ft 5 in
    Height10.4 m34 ft 1 in
    Wing area113.6 m21222.78 sq ft
    Max. speed392 km/h244 mph
    Ceiling7000 m22950 ft
    Range w/max.fuel2350 km1460 miles

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Bob Worn, 03.03.2018

I was an EWO and Air Intel On the Black birds (no insignia, no tail number) at 1st Flight Det, Nha Trang 1968 and 1971-72. I'll tell you, that airplane was fabulous - it would take ground fire and keep-on keepin' on. We did take the gear doors off early in the program so the vegetation and banana trees didn't rip them off in some of our more 'interesting' landings. Gary (redacted) and I found out that, if you land without putting the gear down, it took all the power from our two recips and two jets just to taxi.
1st Flight Det was one of my highlights of my 27 year career. I'd just like to get near one, again.

Marcus Franklin, 04.11.2017

BTW, my email is marcusrf7@yahoo.com. Thanks again! Mark

Marcus Franklin, 04.11.2017

Can someone give me the dimensions of the cargo bay of the C-123? Also, I would like to know if the section of the tail above the cargo ramp was moveable (upward)? If it was, would a HU-1E fit in it? Thanks, Mark

jeremiah Conn, 21.10.2017

Looking for my dads old friends. His name was Charles Conn and was assigned to the 4408th CCTS, Lockbourne AFB in 1970. Email me of you have anything. JDCONN@GMAIL.com

Paul Zomnir, 25.08.2017

I flew the C-123b & K models from TSN AB, Vietnam in 1968 and had a crew chief noseart a K-models with my wufes and daughter's name on it. I have had a model made in The Phillipines and it looks great, with the proper tail number (54-684) and all other appropriate markings of the 19th SOS. I am looking for a pilot's flight manual to go along with a flight manual I have from another source. Is there anyone who can put me in contact with a pilot's flight manual for the C-123K? Thanks for any efforts you may incur.

olton l gaines, 25.08.2017

ac flt mech 309 acs battery located in rh interior wheel well below apu ( elect start) inside at floor level

Bill Zemotel, 10.08.2017

Worked the C-123 at Elmendorf early 60s, Instrument Tech...
Also performed in flight calibration of stall warning system...Even managed to get in some right seat stick time...Love to do it again!!!

John Cygan, 22.07.2017

I was stationed at NKP AFB from 8/1970 thru 8/1971. I worked in the 56th FMS Aero Repair operation. I'm looking for anyone who has knowledge of our team working on C123 to inspect and replace aileron brakets due to cracks during that time period. Pilots, Crewchiefs, Squadron Leader, Parts Depot individuals: Any information or leads you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

Baz, 17.05.2017

Hi boys !
I'm looking for a checklist (C-123) for Flight Simulator X.
Cheers Baz Australia

jedynak, 15.01.2017

je recherche le père de mon fils, il etait au Vietnam a
Da Nang
366th TFW dans les années 1960
sergent JOHN EDWARD RICHARDS . merci

john Dilella, 16.09.2016

this is for joseph Tavolacci. I was at tsn from dec.68 to dec. 69 .I worked the night shift as a cc in a flt on c123k tail #54-616 please e-mail me

Ray Richards, 22.05.2016

Anyone know Edgar Albert Taff. (Ed Taff) C123 pilot NKP in 1967-1970

Van, 06.05.2016

My uncle co pilot of C123 that day crash in Monkey mountain in Macvsog december 1964 along with american-vietnamese crews and 33 members special forces, does anyone had photo or stories about this crash ? I want the exact location of crash on this monkey mountain

ed bloom, 28.03.2016

looking for a c 123 working co-pilot dg part # 17100,

Carolina Bianca, 22.02.2016

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Roger Newall, 22.02.2016

Martin T. Takeuchi:
Your ride was in a Thai marked C-123K that belonged to the 19th Air Commando Squadron stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon. 1/3 of your squadron was Royal Thai AF. We had 2 planes with Thai Markings, which you flew in. Our crews mixed member when that was the assignment. Hope this helps clear up your question.

Martin T. Takeuchi, 17.07.2015

I was with the 8th Aerial Port Sqdn at Tan Son Nhut AB from Dec'67 until Dec'68.I was a C-123 Dispatcher/Load Planner at ALCE.I got to fly on a C-123K when I was sent to Song Be Air Field for awhile on a MOB.I think the plane I flew on was marked with Royal Thai AF markings,but had an American crew with a Thai Loadmaster

Christopher Parent, 03.07.2015

Anybody on this channel, got a question about T/N 4657 on its whereabouts from Nam. Thanks

Grant, 04.06.2015

I was hoping to get in contact with J.T. Smith,he commented on 16.02.2010 that he flew the White Whale. My Grandfather Lt Col Chip Wadley flew the White Whale during Vietnam, I'm not sure of the exact dates but I'm sure my dad or grandma could get those for me. Anyways I was just curious if Mr. Smith ever flew with my grandfather? If he'd like to get in touch I can be reached at wadley1709@gmail.com. Thanks

Joshua, 15.04.2015

My Grandfather flew with the First Flight Det 66-67. Maj Elmer "Doc" Miller, he was the Primary Mission Pilot and Logistics Officer and I'm looking for anyone who might have served with him.

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