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Aerocar Modell III

In 1948 Aerocar Inc. began developing a flying automobile designed by Mr M. B. Taylor. The prototype Aerocar, with a Lycoming O-290 engine, was completed in October 1949. It was followed by a pre-production Aerocar Model I with a Lycoming O-320 engine and four additional Model I Aerocar for demonstration tours. No further production models have been built but a refined Model III Aerocar has been completed.

Aerocar Modell III

 ENGINE1 x Lyc. O-320-A1A, 110kW
  Take-off weight952 kg2099 lb
  Empty weight680 kg1499 lb
  Wingspan10.4 m34 ft 1 in
  Length7.0 m23 ft 12 in
  Height2.1 m7 ft 11 in
  Wing area17.7 m2190.52 sq ft
  Max. speed220 km/h137 mph
  Cruise speed200 km/h124 mph
  Ceiling3650 m12000 ft
  Range800 km497 miles

Graham Clayton, e-mail, 13.02.2021 03:55

The wheels on the Model III partially retract, thereby allowing a slightly faster cruise speed.


stephen russell, e-mail, 15.06.2008 04:07

Readapt design with New VW Bettle, 1990s Chevy Geo coupe,
1970s Pinto? New VW Rabbitt, Ford Fusion, add Mini Jet engine & overroof Wing & engine pod to Burn Biofuel Jet fuel.
Radical, still adaptable.
Dated BUT viable.
Beats Frwy traffic in So CA alone.
Problem: infrastructure for flying cars IE 1M flying IF done today.
Install Avionics- Radar, Radio, parachute for Emerg landing, & expand AAA Road services.


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