Kellner-Bechereau UD
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Kellner-Bechereau UD

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

 ENGINE1 x 800hp Lorraine

Skoal, 01.02.2014

It's right name is the Kellner-Bechereau 28VD, It's engine is a Delage V12 of 370HP, Dimensions: span: 6.65 metres, Lenght: 7.17 metres, Height 2.65 metres MTOW 1,600 kgs. (pretty heavy for a racer) estimated max. speed 400km/h. There were difficulties with the cooling system and the propshaft during testing on 14 may 1933.

Captain lockheed, 17.06.2008

It was a racer for the Deutsch de la Meurthe races. Crashed on an early test flight.

Aero-Fox, 16.05.2008

Interesting landing-gear arrangement it has there...NEED MORE INFO, is it a racer? A fighter? A tourer? What?

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