Short Admiralty 166


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Short Admiralty 166

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Short Admiralty 166A three-view drawing (640 x 604)

 ENGINE1 x 200hp Salmson 14-cylinder water-cooled radial engine
  Take-off weight2079 kg4583 lb
  Empty weight1589 kg3503 lb
  Wingspan17.45 m57 ft 3 in
  Length12.37 m41 ft 7 in
  Height4.29 m14 ft 1 in
  Wing area53.23 m2572.96 sq ft
  Max. speed100 km/h62 mph
  Ceiling2499 m8200 ft
 ARMAMENT3 x 50kg bombs or a torpedo

Barry, 12.04.2016 13:31

The Short S.90 became the 166 when six of them entered Royal Navy service aboard H.M.S. Ark Royal and inherited the number "166" by way of the then naval practise of giving the type the last sequential serial number; hence 161 - 166. Straight forward enough, after all this would be the same admiralty that would go on an order such aircraft as the Roc, Fulmar, and Barracuda! A further 20 Short 166's were built by Westland.


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